Welcome to the Somerset Volunteer Service, this site allows you explore the huge range of volunteering opportunities across the County, offering you the chance to make a real impact and realise the benefits volunteering can bring to you.

Volunteering allows you to be part of your community, meet new people and make new friends, you certainly won’t be lonely. Making a difference to the lives of others and witnessing the impact you’re making can be real boost to your confidence. You will be gaining new skills and achieving challenges along the way at the same time as having a great deal of fun and laughter.

We will fully support throughout your volunteering journey and ensure that the experience gives you exactly what you hoped for. The Team at CSW You Can Do have been helping people here in Somerset ‘get involved’ for well over a decade and we’re passionate about offering all our volunteers a personalised and friendly service.

The Somerset Volunteer Service offers you wonderful opportunity to experience volunteering at its very best and CSW You Can Do is the perfect way to get started and ‘Be The Difference’.

Helping you make a difference to Somerset through volunteering, supporting you to grow your community and yourself

young people

Children and Young People's Services

Could you help shape a child’s life and future? We have volunteering opportunities that allow you to work closely with services that support children and young people across Somerset.


Adult Social Care and Community Connect

Do your skills in care and empathy? Explore the wide range of volunteering roles, in a variety of settings that enhance Adult Social Care Services and the lives of others.


Transporting Somerset

Enjoy driving? Why not become part of an amazing county wide team that connects people and services.


Active Living

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a central part of your local community? Find out more about getting involved with Somerset’s Active living Groups and help bring people together.

There are lots of exciting opportunities in volunteering – the variety will amaze you.

Find out more.