Could you volunteer to help others improve their health and wellbeing and reduce their isolation?

Are you the type of person who could support people access the support they need?

By becoming a Community Connect Volunteer you will be using your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to help change the lives of those around you, often the most vulnerable and isolated. You will be helping people across Somerset remain independent, connect with their community and locate the support they need from local services and agencies.

Volunteering isn’t just a one way street; making a difference offers you the feel good factor and is sure to provide you a sense of achievement. It can bring you fresh skills, stimulating challenges and the potential of new and lasting friendships.

As a Community Connect Volunteer you will be making a big difference to those in your community who need a little helping hand when times are tough for them.

Community Connect volunteers will support people with a wide range of issues that could include helping them with short term goals such as:

  • Develop new interests and hobbies and connect them with local groups and activities
  • Remain independent and continue enjoying life by helping them find community support to do this
  • Cope with change in their lives, such as bereavement, a house move or an illness
  • Feel more confident to get out and about using public transport
  • Learn new independent living skills
  • Feel more confident with using mobile phones, computers or the internet so that they can stay in contact with family and friends

You’ll be supported along the way by CSW You Can Do to ensure that you’re matched to the volunteering opportunity that is right for you.