An Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child (UASC) is a person who, at the time of making an asylum application:

  • Has no relative or guardian in this country.
  • Is applying for asylum in his or her own right
  • Is under the age of 18

UAS Children could be seeking asylum in the UK because they are escaping a risk to their lives such as armed conflict or persecution or because of ethnic or child-specific persecution within their own country.

These children require the same levels of care and support from Authorities as any child in Care but may also face further unique challenges resulting from their past, their journey to the UK or their ongoing application for asylum and their needs may be more complex because of this.

Each child will benefit from the support of a Social Worker and as a Volunteer you could enhance their experience by taking part in some or all of the following activities with them:

  • Befriending
  • Introducing and supporting positive activities
  • Listening to the young person reading in English
  • Conversation in English with the young person to support their education
  • Escorting to key appointments (including Home Office, solicitors and medical appointments)
  • Helping new arrivals to orientate themselves in the local community (showing them how to access public transport, identify key services and facilities, establish links with the local community, explain about currency, assist with budgeting or cooking etc

This is a fantastic opportunity for Volunteers who are looking to work with children and young people, by positively contributing to a UAS Child’s experience, growth and independence.

If you would like to learn more or apply, contact us below.

NB: Please note that at the moment this role is available only in Burnham on Sea, Wellington, Frome and Trowbridge – any applicants will need to be local or able to travel.

Call or email Abby Leach